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Teboho Mofeking

Teboho Mofeking one of those disciplined spirits who wrote a book during lockdown, while juggling a full time job and her family life! She is the author of “Finding your Seat at the Table: Creating the Ideal Career.” We dig deep into her history and her story seems to have a thread running through of it; adapting to the “culture/s” of people and places. Her book guides one through the process of adapting to the current, and fast changing work environment and being yourself, while fitting in, and standing out! She went to boarding school in Bloemfontein and that’s where the adaptation started. In some ways losing a link to her culture, in other ways learning how to make her way in a different one. She attributes some of her strong motivation to her years spent playing hockey with a fantastic coach. Her family also had their influence, being avid readers and not adverse to a self help book or two.


University followed and Teboho received a bursary to study civil engineering, a traditionally male dominated field. Another inspiring role model led to her to her Masters in Waste Water Management. After years in consulting which followed, once again navigating the new terrain of the work place, Teboho used her life lessons to take stock of where she was at. Bowfica was born, a training company which would help prepare others to navigate the technical space of engineering as well as adapt to workplace culture. Teboho makes waste water management exciting! She is eloquent, precise and driven by an enviable maturity despite her youthful appearance! Look out in the second half of the story share for material which we advocate could form the basis of a SECOND book, how to be a “super Mom.” (It’s all about knowing yourself enough to know what boundaries you need to set and them making those known!) We’re all taking tips.


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