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Pamela Silwana

Despite her family suffering a double loss before she was born, Pamela Silwana grew up surrounded by family and it seems this love and closeness of family has paid forward into her work. Her drive to help others through the "Unemployment Movement" and "CAN" organisation speaks of embracing the broader community as family as well. Pamela's empathetic ability has also helped her see where gaps are and what actually needs to be done to help, from a bottom up perspective.


There's no "waiting for government to take action" from this kind and driven soul. We aren't surprised she was a prefect in Grade 7, even if she was at the time! Pamela embodies leadership and we celebrate her through sharing her story as she tells it, over Zoom, during lockdown in South Africa, with host and founder Shehnaz. Listen out for a cameo by Shehnaz's son. Who is Mommy talking to? A mother of three herself, and real South Africa inspiration!


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