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Khaalid Mooradd

Khaalid Mooradd calls himself a “normal guy doing big things”. He certainly has big dreams for his organisation MOTTO (Men of tomorrow, today) where he hopes to bring awareness and change to how men are socialised and raised in society. Finding GBV abhorrent, he seeks to tackle root causes which lead to this outcome. Expanding into mentoring men’s growth (including his own) to “evolve” into better people, Khaalid has a humble, straightforward and heartfelt approach. From the MOTTO Meets, to the Incubator, to the Masterclass, Khaalid has all his bases covered and can’t wait to dive into the next chapter now that lockdown is lifting. He also has realised sometimes to grow sustainably one has to take things one small step at a time. If you’ve ever let “imposter syndrome” stop you doing something positive, take your cue from Khaalid and realise that it TAKES the “normal people” doing good to bring change to the world. We also hope his dream comes true of being able to be of service to the world with no financial constraints!


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