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Karen Jeynes

Screenwriter and Author Karen Jeynes grew up with writing as a means to understand how people work. Wanting to get under people’s skin made for really good satirical writing and Karen brought us the show ZA News. Her daughter seems to have inherited the trait as at the age of 6 she was questioning adults about what they did to fight against apartheid! Karen’s parents themselves set this example and Karen is no stranger to difficult discussions, which she tackled head on in her life as well as her work, with an inpiring mix of humility and firmness. Now, along with Karin Schmike, Karen brings us, “The Karen Book of Rules,” a humorous but thought provoking take on “How to harness you inner Karen and use your power for good.” As Karen advises us, a gift for yourself, or your racist aunt. By asking tough questions about privilege and really learning how to listen, Karen’s message resonates strongly with those seeking how to help make the world a better place but question their place within that world, and we encourage everyone to pass her message on to the least converted! Listen in to hear how our very own host Shehnaz got to know this vibrant storyteller!


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