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Geronimo De Klerk

22 April 2021 Podcast | Geronimo De Klerk started Feed the Future just over one year ago.

Born and raised in Elsie's River, he outlines some of the challenges he faced as a boy growing up in with peer pressure in an area where gangsterism is prevalent.

He was deeply inspired by Nelson Mandela, whom he learnt about in school history. While his friends wanted to be Superman or Spiderman, he aspired to become an activist. He talks about taking activism one step further, and given he is a vegan, you know he doesn't do anything half heartedly.

Addressing the most pressing issue of hunger, Geronimo has a vision of organic restaurants feeding the local community. He believes that “planting your own food is like printing your own money” and food security, especially during Covid, is his main focus.

If you missed this Facebook Live do watch the replay as it was a wonderful lively interview which offered a glimpse into Geronimo's world in Elsie's River, as though you were just sitting and having a chat with a friend!

27 October 2021 PodcastGeronimo is back on 1001 SA stories straight from Elsie’s River.

He started Feed the Future at the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic and since we first came across this organisation we knew we wanted to follow its progress.

The vision is to “feed” youth and communities with valuable knowledge and practical skills to sustain their futures. Food security is a big priority and vehicle through which to effect wide-spread, diverse change.

This is Geronimo’s passion and his motivation and energy has propelled them to create a documentary called “Garden Boyz,” showcasing what they do. Co-founder and brother Valentino wrote the documentary which contextualises Elsie’s River as something other than “gang-ridden” and “dangerous.” Utilising their typical can do attitude the brothers made the documentary together with helpers and assistance from the DOCi over a few months - a new challenge expanding their skills.

Important to the brothers was to paint a picture of young men in Elsie’s River as full of potential and break out of stereotypes. This film also gives inspiration to local food growers to be self reliant.

Feed the Future are changing the narrative from within the community about what Elsie’s River will be known for now and in the future. They would like to expand the documentary into a full length film, and if you are at all interested in this dynamic organisation the documentary is a great place to start. It is available on their Back a Buddy campaign page.

Looking further ahead, don’t forget to watch out for Geronimo’s vegan restaurant. We are still firmly fixed on that dream!


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