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Devika Pillay

Devika trained as a nurse but decided to return to art when her children grew up. The compassion she brought to her first occupation is evident in how she uses the medium of art to convey a story through portraits. For her, the emotion conveyed through her subject's eyes are the most important part of her paintings. When the KZN protests and riots happened in 2021, in her hometown of Stanger amongst others, her plans for her studio and gallery space where put on hold for weeks. But looking through her work, she realised this narrative had been building for some time, and her artwork over the years painted the picture. It's heartwarming to hear that the pandemic cleared in a space in a mall for Devika to move in, bringing her art, art classes and support for other local artists with her. And we have no doubt her background in healing will come into play in her art therapy offerings! For inspiration on how all you do in life can flow into the same beautiful ocean and not forgetting what brings you joy, look no further! Find her work and more at


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