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Milani Mfingwana

Milani Mfingwana grew up in King Williamstown and in attending Dale College, developed a passion for sport. This led him to study Sports Management in Cape Town. But Milani took his passion for sport one step further. He joined Ubumbo, (meaning Unity) an organisation which started as a rugby team and has become so much more.

Ubumbo works in social impact, community outreach as well as mentorship. This looks a variety of exciting and noticeable outdoor adventures! Such as like singing to improve the gees at rugby games in Newlands, coaching clinics which often are matched with feeding schemes, and mentorship from Ubumbo's founders to steer youth in the right life direction.

Ubumbo wants to make sure talent is not lost and has a mission to help facilitate the future of SA sports. It has even branched out into Ubumbo thought writers and leaders, which is predominantly woman dominated and led space!


Milani's one wish is world peace, and with his mission to bring unity to South Africa through sport and empowering people and communities, he is surely on the right track.


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