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Christina Van Straten

We finished on a wonderful note in 2021 with our last story share in November and it feels like just the tonic for a brighter 2022!

Often at 1001 we hear how people's childhood years influenced what path they took in life and Christina Van Straten's life is a clear example of this. Growing up on a farm outside of Joburg, she was surrounded by poverty on the neighbouring lands, which couldn't have more strongly contrasted with her private school experience.

She grew up wanting to make a positive impact, with her heart set on working for the UN. Luckily for South Africa, they haven't nabbed her just yet...

Have you heard of the Basic Income Grant, or BIG, and been curious but never quite understood how it would work? Tina works at "SPII", the Studies in Poverty and Inequality institute. She gives a thorough and clear explanation of the BIG and we have to say, she is pretty convincing!

There's something magical that happens when someone is so passionate and clued up about their subject; words just flow off the tongue with the greatest clarity. Tina speaks with a sharpness of mind, a gentleness of heart and such strength of conviction that we know we'll hear much more from her in the future.

1001's Mongi Henda takes over from Shehnaz Cassim-Moosa as interviewer on this share and takes us deeper into understanding the in's and outs of the BIG - and why we should all care.

As Tina says, it's not a silver bullet, but if you want to get an injection of hope in 2022, and be able to advocate for the BIG, you need to listen to this!


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