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Axolile Notywala

Axolile gets our vote! Working for the social justice coalition but with a potential for entering into a (reimaged) politics, Axolile's "1001 3 wishes" all had to do with imagining a better world free of racism, xenophobia and violence. The amazing thing, as with many of our speakers, he literally making it happen, It's not just his wish, it's his active goal. Initially studying engineering, Axolile joined the Social Justice Coalition after realising he needed to find strength in numbers and a way to make real, lasting change. What could he do when witnessing xenophobia on his way to his studies at CPUT every day - alone? When on a fellowship abroad he connected with people from his home continent and realised how disconnected South Africa can be from the rest of Africa. When working at the SJC he learnt from his female colleagues and realised men needed to join the Gender Based Violence discussion. This is clearly a man who knows how to connect and listen! His mantra might well be provoke, unlearn, and then learn anew. Axolile makes tackling the difficult topics feel like a freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning, worth the effort and full of essential goodness.


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